• Ingredients: (4 PEOPLE)

    400g Mushrooms


    2 onions

    1 tbl dry

    mixed herbs

    500g Spinach

    Olive oil

    Salt Pepper

  • Directions:

    Chop the onions into thin slices. Add the oil to the pan. Fry the onions over a medium heat for about 7 mins till they turn translucent.

    At that point add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Seasoning the onions will make them sweeter. Then continue to cook for another 7 mins until they caramelise.

    Add the mushrooms and the herbs to the onion mix. Mix well. Continue to cook down over a medium heat. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook for about 7 mins.

    Add the spinach to the mushrooms. Press it down so it wilts. Let the water come out of the spinach. You don’t want it soggy. Taste the mix and make sure the seasoning is to your taste.

    Remove the mix from the pan and set aside. Slice the bread into 1 cm pieces. Heat some oil in a pan over a medium heat.

    Toast the bread pieces on both sides so they take on a bit of colour. Remove and set aside.

    Spread a little of the mix on each slice of bread.

    Crack some fresh pepper over the top and serve