• Ingredients:

    • 440 g of ANY FISH
    • Salt and Pepper
    • 1 Lemon
    • 2 tbl Butter
    • ½ cup olive oil


    • 1 cup cabbage
    • 2 tbl chopped gerkin
    • 2 tbl Mayonaise
    • 1 Lemon
    • ½ tsp salt
    • ½ tsp pepper
    • ½ cup chopped coriander
    • 12 Ciabatta sliders
  • Directions:

    1. Heat the olive oil and butter over a medium heat.
    2. Cut the fish into slider sized pieces. Season the fish with salt and pepper
    3. Cook the fish in the pan until both sides are a light golden. It should still be a little spongy to touch. 1 min per side should do it depending on the thickness of the slice.
    4. In the last 30 secs, squeeze lemon over the top of the fish. Let it sizzle for 2 secs and remove the fish and let it drain over paper towels.
    5.  In a bowl, mix the cabbage, gerkin, mayo, juice of 1 lemon, salt, pepper and coriander
    6. Slice open a slicer. Spread some plain mayo on the top slice.
    7. Place a chunk of slaw on the bottom slice. Then stack the fish on top. Crack some pepper over the fish.
    8. Put the lid on and enjoy.