• Ingredients: (4 PEOPLE)

    2 Eggs (per person)

    2 cups mushrooms

    2 garlic cloves

    2 thumb ginger

    8 tsp soy

    1/4 tsp sugar (per serve)

    2 lemons ¼ tsp pepper (per serve)

    1 cup spring onions

    2 cups sprouts (any kind)

    1 tbl Hoisin Sauce (per serve)

    1/2 cup oil (per serve)

  • Directions:

    - Grate the finer ginger and garlic and fry in oil over a medium heat

    - Fry the mushrooms and soy with the ginger and garlic for 5 mins

    - Add sugar and lemon to the mushrooms and mix well. Taste and make sure it’s all good. Take it out.

    - In a separate bowl, beat the eggs thoroughly. Get lots of air into it. Add 1 tsp soy to the omelette.

    - Heat the oil on high. Fry the egg till it fluffs up.

    - Remove the egg from the oil and leave to drain on paper

    - Place the egg on a plate. Spoon in the mushroom mix. Add some sprouts and spring onions.

    - Fold the egg over.

    - Drizzle the Hoisin over the top.

    - Garnish with spring onions on the top and enjoy.